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The Council of Lakeside College has set the following fees for 2017. Fees will be levied in four instalments before the start of each term:

Annual Fee Term Instalment Fee
Year Prep $4,420 $1,105
Years 1 and 2 $4,500 $1,125
Year 3 $5,040 $1,260
Year 4 $5,420 $1,355
Year 5 $6,080 $1,520
Year 6 $6,320 $1,580
Years 7 and 8 $7,180 $1,795
Years 9 and 10 $7,540 $1,885
Years 11 and 12 $7,920 $1,980

The tuition fee covers the cost of official excursions, theatre visits, school magazine and one diary per student. There is an additional levy charged for the Year 10 Camp of $350 and this will be included in the first term invoice.

There is also an additional charge for students in Years 7-11 for the Take Home Chromebook Program.  This will be $200 per student and will charged in four instalments of $50 per term.

There is a Booklist Levy applied to all students from Prep to Year 5 of $115. This will be included in the first term invoice only.

Discounts for Second and Subsequent Children – Per Child

Fee discounts apply for the second, third and fourth children attending Lakeside College concurrently with any additional children being free of charge.

Discount Annual Discount Term Instalment Discount
Discount for second child 25% 25%
Discount for third child 50% 50%
Discount for fourth child 75% 75%
Discount for fifth child + Free of charge Free of charge 

Individual Music Tuition                             

Fees for individual music lessons are outlined in the Application for Individual Music Tuition Enrolment form enclosed. The fees for this program will be charged before the start of each term.

Family Capital Donation

School families are invited annually to make a $400 per family donation to the Lakeside College Building Fund. Such donations are tax deductible and support the College’s ongoing Capital Development Program. The College Council looks forward to continued wholehearted support for this program. Each of the four instalment notices will include a request for a $100 donation.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF):

The CSEF is a Victorian government allowance provided to assist low‐income families, particularly those with Health Care Cards (HCC) or Pension Cards (including students 16+ with their own HCC), with the costs of camps, sports and excursions. The allowance is applied to your account as a credit. The allowance is $125 per primary student or $225 per secondary student. Applications need to be made by parents through the school. Information regarding eligibility, closing dates and application forms are attached.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable either:

  • in four instalments, on the 14th day from the start of each school term (fee invoices are raised prior to the commencement of each school term), or
  • by direct debit in 11 monthly or 22 fortnightly instalments, (January to November inclusive). A Direct Debit form authorising deductions from a nominated Bank or Credit Card account is required for this method of payment.

Families who elect to pay by invoice can do so by cash, cheque, credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or BPay.

Note: Only the duly authorised Direct Debit method is able to be processed monthly or fortnightly. All other payment methods are due and payable 14 days from invoice date.

Should parents require an extension of time to pay fees, or require assistance with fees due to exceptional circumstances, a confidential submission should be made to the Business Manager, prior to the due date for payment of the invoice or processing of a direct debit.

Late Payment of Fees

Parents of students at Lakeside College are responsible for and are required to pay the reasonable costs and expenses incidental to and arising out of late payment of fees.

These costs and expenses include, but are not limited to:
(a)  debt collection costs incurred by the College; and
(b) any administrative expenses incurred by the College or any third party agents engaged by the College.

When these costs are incurred by the College, they will be passed on to the appropriate family.

Withdrawal of Student

Parents/guardians intending to withdraw a student are required to inform the Principal in writing, at least one full term in advance, otherwise a term’s fees may be payable due to lack of notice.  Notice of withdrawal for the following school year must be received before the commencement of Term 4 of the prior year or a term’s fees may be payable due to lack of notice.